Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass, Set of 2

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Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass, Set of 2
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  • Riedel Bar Ouverture Tequila Glass, Set of 2

  • Machine blown glass

  • Strong enough for daily use

  • Adds beauty and elegance to your table

  • Makes a perfect gift

  • Lead-free

  • Dishwasher safe



Riedel's Ouverture collection possesses the high-quality craftsmanship you come to expect from the Riedel brand but at extremely affordable prices. Each glass is expertly balanced and very sturdy. The Ouverture collection is appropriate for everyday use and is ideal for beginners through novices who are expanding their wine palate with exploration of many wines from regions all over the world. With this fine collection of glasses, Riedel achieves what the essence of wine and other beverage drinking is all about: enjoyment. Lead-free, they're not crystal like Riedel's premium glasses but are machine blown of potash glass and are dishwasher-safe. Their thin rims are cut and polished to Riedel's exacting standards, so wine flows easily onto the tongue. This elegant slender glass has a tall stem meant to lift fine tequila to the level it deserves, to accord it the appreciation and respect of which it is worthy. Though glasses shaped and sized for different types of wine seem commonplace today, when Riedel introduced this idea in 1961, it was revolutionary. Since then Riedel has continued fine-tuning glasses to bring out the best characteristics in wines and spirits. Varying bowls' shapes and sizes affects the position of the head when sipping and where wine first contacts the tongue's various taste zones. The set of two glasses makes an excellent gift.

Nobody knows Wine like Riedel from stemware to decanters, Riedel glassware is prized for it's quality and the way it enhances the enjoyment of fine beverages.

  • 6-3/4" H, with a 6.75 ounce capacity


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