CRISTEL is now a brand acknowledged throughout the International culinary world, and the reference thanks to its clever balance between quality, functionality and aesthetics. CRISTEL’s success has extended far beyond its borders. Its clever combination of quality and concept, design and functionality, and know-how and excellence appeals to the most exacting international markets. Thanks to its innovative policy and high quality standards CRISTEL has become a reference in the Art of Living from Tokyo to Sao Paulo, Hong Kong to London and from Saint Barthelemy to Taipei, where CRISTEL’s qualities delight in complementing the flavors of the world.


  • The Cristel Cooking system makes the most of the space in your kitchen. For instance there are 20 pieces of cookware in this drawer. You only require a few handles given you can cook and detach easily.
  • The patented handle detaches when you want it to and never detaches when you don’t. It can carry far more weight then you could ever fit into any of our vessels. Handles never get hot meaning no oven gloves and never any burns from picking up a hot handle.
  • Replacing the long handle with side handles makes a Sauté Pan into an elegant serving vessel appropriate for any table.
  • You can also manage the limited space on your cook top because handles can be removed from vessels until required for removal or shaking ingredients. Glass lids on all vessels allows you to monitor cooking at all times. The Cristel cooking system makes the most of the limited space in your oven. Several vessels can be put on one rack.
  • The thermal efficiency of the base keeps food warm. Our unique flat lids allow you to convert your cooking vessel into an efficient storage container that stacks to make the most of the limited space you have in your refrigerator.

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