Staybowlizer Orange Silicone Bowl Stabilizer

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Staybowlizer Orange Silicone Bowl Stabilizer
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  • Staybowlizer Bowl Stabilizer

  • Orange FDA approved food grade silicone

  • Versatile and easy to use

  • Becomes the third hand in the kitchen

  • Has two methods of usage

  • Fits bowls with a minimum of 6 inches in diameter

  • Dishwasher safe



Secure bowls of all shapes and sizes from unwanted movement with the Staybowlizer. Fabricated from orange FDA approved food-grade silicone, it is heat resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider the Staybowlizer a "third hand" in the kitchen, a most welcome replacement to the 'damp-towel' method of bowl steadying. With a tapered opening that lets you tilt the bowl for more effective whisking, it can accommodate any bowl with a minimum of six inches in diameter and is dishwasher safe. This device provides two methods to securing a bowl.

In its primary orientation with the logo side facing up, a bowl set within the staybowlizer is cradled with a full 360 degrees of support. The resulting friction from the contact between the outside wall of the bowl and the face of the ring provides outstanding lateral stability for the bowl, allowing it to be set securely in both level and tilted positions.

Alternatively, the device can be flipped over with the logo-side facing down with a bowl set atop it while the user places each hand on opposing sides of the rim and exerts even downward pressure. The devices lower flange will collapse and a suction lock will be created between the bowl, device, and surface.

  • 8" diameter x 2" H



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