Chroma Haiku 7 1/2" Santoku Knife

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Chroma Haiku 7 1/2" Santoku Knife
SKU : 505054
  • 7 1/2" Santoku Knife-specially made for cutting and dicing vegetables
  • Honoki-wood handle
  • Blade is made of Molybdenum Vanadium Steel
  • Tang: Partial wooden handle with "Mekugi" bamboo pin
  • Included is a manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty against defects only
  • Wash with warm water and hand dry after every use (see next section for more information)

Specific Care Instructions
  • Chroma knives should NEVER be put into the dishwasher
  • Metal steel should NEVER be used to sharpen Chroma knives as it will damage the edge
  • For best results always use a whetstone to sharpen the knives
  • It is recommend that Chroma Cutlery be stored in a knife block
  • Only use the knife to prepare food. Do not use it to cut frozen foods, bones, or as a utility knife



In Japan, the art of the sword smith has a long tradition. Today HAIKU knives are manufactured in small Japanese knife factories out of high-grade modern steel. Borrowing from an ancient method, a bamboo peg ("mekugi") is inserted from the side into every HAIKU knife where the tang and handle are joined for added stability.

This amazing knife is from the Chroma Haiku collection which is the traditional knife line from Chroma Cutlery. Backed by a manufacturer's lifetime warranty against defects, every Haiku knife is extremely sharp and certainly a superior knife to add to your collection.


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